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How much of each skincare product should you use?

When it comes to your skin care routine, you want to do it right. You spend a long time researching the products you put on your body, finding out the best order in which to apply them, and even how to apply each skincare product correctly to get the most out of them. In this blog, we’ll tackle the issue of how much of each product to use. Should you be dabbing it on or glopping it on? Is more necessarily better? What about spray-on skincare products? Read on to find out more.


Cleansers are an essential part of any skin care routine and help clean off dirt and other things that accumulate on the face. But more is not necessarily better. While you want to get a good, effective clean, using too much can actually dry out or irritate your skin. Unless your cleanser has specific instructions otherwise, aim for about a dime-to-nickel-sized amount. Pro tip: don’t use a washcloth to apply cleansers. While a washcloth may seem ideal so you can get a good scrub in while also cleaning up, washcloths are very porous and will absorb and waste a lot of cleanser. Instead, a silicone face scrubber or even your fingertips work fine. 

Spray-on skincare products 

A skincare product applied through spraying, such as some toners, facial mists, or setting sprays, should be applied sparingly. Spraying itself ensures you’re using small quantities of the product, but you also don’t want to overdo it. Your face should be damp afterward, not dripping wet by any means. If you find it hard to spray on ideal amounts, a good solution is to spray onto a cotton round first and then dab that onto your face, but this also will use up more of your spray than if you sprayed directly onto the face.


Serums are formulated to be very rich in active ingredients. They are excellent as spot treatments or an overall treatment for the entire face. Because they are so jam-packed with active ingredients, you only really need about a pea-sized amount. To help spread out this tiny amount without your fingertips drying out before your whole face is covered, try applying it to a damp face.

Eye products

Eye care products should be applied gently and sparingly. A fingertip’s worth under each eye is enough. Dip your pinky finger into the jar and gently dab it in 2 to 3 dots under each eye. Remember to rub in very gently, without pulling on your undereye area.

So keep these ideal skincare product quantities in mind the next time you’re getting ready for the day or night. 

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How much of each skincare product should you use?
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