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3 Tricks to Nurse Your Stressed Skin Back to Health

The holiday season can definitely take a mental toll on you. Between the stress to make this time of year perfect, keeping up with social and family obligations, and the pressure to look a certain way, it’s only fair that you feel drained. Unfortunately, feeling anxious or worried can have a negative impact on your skin as well as your emotional and physical wellbeing. 

What happens to stressed skin 

Stress can make your skin more prone to under-eye bags, sensitivity and irritation, sudden breakouts, uncharacteristic redness, and premature aging. Mental health and skin are linked. If our skin is not at its best, the more our mental wellbeing can struggle, thus prompting us to feel low self-esteem and anxiety. 

Keep your eye cream on the fridge

An easy at home trick that you can try is to store your eye cream in your fridge. Keeping your Oracle Eye Cream in the cold can help ​​temporarily reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles under your eyes.

Don’t over-exfoliate  

While your stressed skin does need some exfoliation, especially if you have a flaky texture, you should not over-exfoliate. Try exfoliating with a peel or scrub twice a week. Avoid using an exfoliating wash, an acid toner, then a scrub and peeling mask. 

Boost your circulation

Having good circulation is essential to healthy skin. Massaging the face even for a few minutes is a simple way to stimulate the muscle and skin, and it can also boost oxygen and nutrients. When the blood circulation is closer to the skin surface, your skin can absorb your skincare products much faster.  

Are you currently struggling with stressed skin? Or know someone who is? Share with us on Social Media your journey to nurture back to health your skin. 

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Stressed Skin - Apollo & Artemis Beauty
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