Can A Beauty Routine Help With Stress and Anxiety?

Can A Beauty Routine Help With Stress and Anxiety?

Uncertainty is anxiety’s best friend. And in a post-pandemic world, we all know what that feels like. Now we don’t get to worry only because of our work and family, but also about environmental, political, and public health issues that escape from our control.  

That’s where a beauty routine can help. Of course, it won’t solve every world’s problem, but creating a personal ritual of self-care can soothe us into a more calm state of mind. 

According to a study, having a ritual can help us cope with performing anxiety and actually decrease the feeling of unease over time. 

Take a moment for yourself

We like to believe that a beauty routine goes beyond skin care and well-scented products. Taking a moment after work or just before going to bed to pamper ourselves can connect us with our minds and help us relax. 

Actually, having little tasks to do can distract us from the general anxiety worries, taking the focus from negative thoughts to something more productive like moisturizing and nurturing our skin. 

Grounded and in control 

While a beauty routine is different for every person, experts agree on the power of building habits as a way to improve mental health. Having our own secure bubble where we can play, try new things, and take care of our bodies can make us feel more grounded. 

Sticking to our beauty routine can give us back control, even if it is for a brief moment. 

The powerful side effects 

While indulging in a little 'me time' can certainly boast a therapeutic quality, seeing the results of our beauty routine is the best part. It keeps us motivated and feeling better inside and out. 

This can help to manage our anxiety. Having proof that we know how to take care of ourselves is empowering. Moreover, it gives us more control and confidence over how we look and present to others. 

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