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With all the available products when it comes to skincare, it’s easy to get confused about which you really need, which are nice extras to have and use, and which are just hype and straight-up not that necessary. One question that gets asked often is: what is the difference between facial mist and toner? Do they have the same benefits? Is one better than the other? Or should you use both? 

Facial mist vs. toner

Each has its specific benefits, and specific facial mists and toners might offer extra benefits on top of their original use. But here are the general benefits of each.

What is facial mist, and when is it used? Facial mists are sprayed on and help to hydrate the skin. They are often used to set makeup or provide skin with a refreshing hydration boost throughout the day. They can ensure skin doesn’t have a powdery, unnatural look after makeup application. Some facial mists may also contain antioxidants for added sun protection or ingredients to help combat oily skin. Some, like our Visage Facial Mist, help prep the skin for other products.

What is facial toner, and when is it used? Toner comes in liquid form and is applied via a cotton ball or cotton makeup pad. It’s usually used for hydration and to help maintain the skin’s pH balance. Toners are formulated for fast absorption into the skin. It is used before other skincare products are applied and helps those other products, like moisturizers, absorb more easily. Toner closes up pores as well. Use after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Which is better?

Both facial mists and toners have their benefits, and it’s not necessarily an issue of using either one or the other. Toner prepares your skin for receiving the full benefits from your other facial products, as well as providing extra hydration and helping to maintain a healthy skin pH. Facial mist hydrates and gives skin a fresh, dewy look. 

Should you use both facial mist and toner?

Since both have specific benefits exclusive of the other, using both is fine and actually preferable if your skin could benefit from both. Toner should be used every day for its skincare-product-amplifying effects. On the other hand, facial mist can be used as needed and doesn’t necessarily have to be an everyday thing, especially if you’re already using a good moisturizer. Still, it’s nice to have on hand or carry in your purse for a refreshing spritz as needed, especially during the summer. 

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