GODDESS GLOW - Apollo & Artemis Beauty


A healthy glow denotes many things. It reminds one of youthfulness, of vitality, of happiness, of a flush of excitement so strong it shows. It’s no wonder glowy skin is a hot trend right now, being seen everywhere from the red carpet to everyday beauty looks. Want skin that is effortlessly radiant too? Here are the top tips and what ingredients you should be looking for in your skin care products in order to get that fresh-faced look.


Rule number 1 is always, always to hydrate! We can’t stress this enough. If your skin is lacking in moisture, it’s just going to soak in everything from the products you use and you’re not going to have an easy time with getting the glowing skin you crave. Because even before adding any products, you want skin that looks naturally healthy. Hydrate often by drinking plenty of water, and supplement that with moisturizers for your face that deliver hydration where it’s needed most. 


Exfoliation, whether physical or chemical, helps give the face a flush and a natural “blushing” look. Exfoliate while cleansing either by using an exfoliation brush with your morning cleanser, or make life a bit easier and save yourself a step by choosing a face wash that exfoliates while cleaning. In the same vein, facial massage can really get the blood flowing in your face. 


Having even toned skin is also essential if you want a dewy look. What’s more, many toners “prepare the stage” so to speak for moisturizers and other products to be layered on top. Apply before moisturizer for best results. 

Product tips 

When choosing products with an end goal of glowing skin in mind, choose ones described as “brightening” and some may even state right on the package that they’ll help you glow. These will help with overall skin tone and give some light to your face. Here’s a big ingredient recommendation: hyaluronic acid. This naturally occurring component of our skin hydrates and helps skin hold onto water. 

If desired, add on products that will have your skin pop. A product with added shimmer reflects light in all the right ways. Place this all over your face for an overall glow, or be strategic for a more professional look and place just on your forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin, and collarbones. You’ll look like you’re fresh from a relaxing beach vacation. 

Our products have been specially designed with ingredients that help your skin glow naturally, whether you choose to add on shimmer or not. Learn more about each of our products and shop the collection here