ABC’s of Facial Massage  | Apollo & Artemis Beauty


What to cleanse/apply products with: should you use a washcloth? Sponge? A facial scrubber? Your fingertips? What you use depends on what you’re applying. When you’re washing up, cleansing in preparation for products or doing a facial massage, washcloths are often too harsh for your facial skin. Also, anything porous will absorb a lot of good products that could otherwise be used, so it’s not ideal. However, some gentle exfoliation is good for your skin. Using a silicone scrubber made for the face is perfect for this job and helps ensure cleansers reach inside your pores. Just make sure the cleanser is adequately applied to the scrubber to ensure no skin pulling as you scrub. All other products can be applied by hand or sprayed on if applicable. When applying by hand, ensure your hands themselves are clean. 

Direction matters: make sure that you are going in upwards strokes as you’re applying your products and doing your facial massage. Your skin already has to contend with gravity and aging; why add to the downward pull yourself? Use short, gentle, upward strokes. Aim for a circular motion on the lower face, up-and-out on the forehead. You should not notice your skin being pulled with each stroke. 

The under eyes need extra special care. Dab on two to three dots of the product you’re using very gently on your under-eye area. Using your pinky (smallest finger, plus easiest to be gentle with), slowly spread out the cream or lotion you’re using, taking care, again, not to pull your skin in any way. 

How does facial massage help?

Facial massages are very beneficial for your face. They can help reduce puffiness in the face and stimulate blood circulation, giving you a naturally glowing look. Done right, they can also assist lymphatic drainage and relieve sinus pressure if you suffer from sinus issues. Not to mention, they feel amazing, and you’ll feel refreshed afterward!

How to incorporate a facial massage into your beauty routine

Now, you see how easily you can turn your beauty routine into a little massage! When applying your products, use circular motions, going upwards, to apply them. Go slowly with moderate pressure to get the blood flowing. And of course, don’t forget your neck!

As you’re massaging your face, pay special attention to specific acupressure points on the face. Start at the point in between your eyebrows on your forehead. Next, gently massage your temples. Moving downward, the next pressure point is the two spots on either side of the lower part of your nose. Finally, the last pressure point on your face is a single point in the middle area between your nose and mouth. Each acupressure point is said to help with specific issues but also feels relaxing when added to any massage. 

For added help, follow these steps using a facial roller (added benefits: the cooling properties of using natural stone).