Myth To Reality

Like Gods + Goddesses, We Are Perfectly Imperfect.

“Mythology is gender neutral; so is our skin care that we’ve meticulously crafted. Four formulas are all any god + goddess need to have beautiful skin"

When you find your vibe, magic happens. Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality™ invites you to join us on our adventurous journey of exploration and discovery (and of course perfect skin) all while finding your inner god + goddess.

We are Laura Lee and her crazy chemist cousin (C³ for short),  two cousins merged by families of Greek and Italian heritage, best friends by choice (and years of laughter, pranks, humor, and some really bad hair styles, especially C³). Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality™ is a brand created from our passion, dedication, and love of healthy, glowing skin. Our mission is simple: make people happy in their skin.

We have spent years engineering products for everyone. Why? Because during this process we realized that less really is more. We have created four exceptional, naturally balanced products for all genders delivering blemish free, healthy glowing radiant, godly skin.

Please enjoy our line and if you feel so inclined, contact us to share your own Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality™ story. And if you want to share any Toga party shots with us, we’d love to see those too… though we may ask for an invite next time.

Apollo and Artemis Beauty by Equality™

Explore the god + goddess within

Laura Lee + C³

P.S. We proudly donate a percentage of our profits to organizations that fight child sex trafficking, especially youth from the LGBTQ community.

All our products are PETA approved and  proudly made in the USA.