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Let Alpha Vitamin C Essence elevate your skin to a new level allowing the enzymes and vitamins to boost the nutrient status of your skin to beyond optimal!


Oracle combines the power of flowers and peptide in one enriched moisturizing cream specifically made for the eye.


With its combination of high-end peptides, Visage boosts radiance and visibly helps ease the signs of aging, creating a youthful glow true to healthy skin.


100% lightweight plant-derived Squalane, Omega helps to soften skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without leaving an oily feel.



and we want you to feel that way

Beauty dwells within the Soul and Shines on the surface.

The creation of Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality® was a journey about far more than developing amazing skin care. It was also about enabling every person to explore their personal inner god + goddess.

Our products are good for your skin and good for your body. They nourish your skin and feed your inner sprits. Our company is built on passion, dedication, inclusivity and love.

Love yourself just the way you are, feel beautiful, and explore the god + goddess within that we already see in each and everyone of you.


Sharon C.

Wonderful!!I LOVE this product, and pretty much any of there products!! It smells amazing and works great!!

Wendy S.

Wow! How did you get my eyelids to lift?? I’m addicted to this stuff!!!

Natalie H.

Alpha Vit C is my fav! It brightened my face in like 2 weeks. I use Visage for a quick refresher and because of Oracle my eyes look less tired.

Culturally, men tend to neglect this area of self-care. Maybe it is because it sounds confusing and exhausting, and men’s products are branded as a quick solution to a specific problem. But we are here to tell you that you don’t need a ten step routine to have healthy skin.
Have you noticed fine lines around your eyes? These wrinkles in the fold of our eyelids are known as crow’s feet, and like other signs of aging. Learn how to combat them

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