Stem Cells From Plants | Apollo & Artemis Beauty


Benefits of stem cell: You’ve likely heard of the term “stem cells” before, but do you know what they do? Plant stem cells are an amazing addition to skin care products. Ever since Swiss apple stem cells were shown to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet in a scientific study out of Switzerland, plant stem cells have been gracing the formulations of anti-aging creams the world over. Learn more about plant stem cells and their benefits.

What are plant stem cells?

Stem cells, in general, are cells that essentially have the potential to be many other different types of cells. They are undifferentiated, meaning they don’t have a specific purpose. They are located in a plant’s meristem, a type of plant tissue composed of these stem cells. These cells can divide until they become differentiated, or specialized, meaning they can become another type of plant tissue cell. In other words, these cells have the potential to become anything from roots to flowers. 

What are the Benefits of stem cell?

Stem cells’ main claim to fame is their anti-aging benefits. Stem cells release growth factors, a form of cytokine or protein. These growth factors encourage healing. They are “harvested” for beauty products. So what does this mean for your skin in terms of anti-aging benefits? 

These growth factors from plant stem cells help the skin with many things. Their benefits include hydrating the skin, keeping it plump (something you definitely want in skin!) and appearing fresh. They help remedy fine lines and wrinkles on the face, and even more bothersome ones like crow’s feet. 

They also have protective benefits. These derive from the fact that they are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect against free radical damage from things such as environmental toxins (which we are all exposed to every day) and the sun. 

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