Biotechnology In Beauty Products | Apollo & Artemis Beauty


Biotechnology in skin care involves the use of living organisms to help engineer ingredients for Beauty Products. Through the use of biotechnology, we can get additional, naturally derived benefits from skincare products. We can also avoid overuse of plants and other more finite resources. In this way, biotechnology allows us to extract active ingredients needed for natural and organic products in a much more sustainable way. So what is biotech beauty? What can biotech beauty ingredients do? And why is it so important, especially these days?

The shift to more natural skin care

The skincare industry (and, in fact, many other industries) has recently focused a lot more on natural and organic products to reflect changes in people’s interests and wants, as well as new understandings of how beneficial plant-based ingredients can be. Artificial colors and fragrances are also something consumers are starting to want to avoid. At the same time, we’re also learning a lot more about what skin needs to be genuinely healthy. Now things like pH are taken into account and the biologic components of the skin, like bacteria that is beneficial for our skin, also known as the skin’s microbiome. This has led to new formulations and, again, a demand for more natural products.

What is biotech Beauty Products? And how does it work?

Using living things such as bacteria or fungi, scientists can obtain nutrients and natural ingredients for use in skincare products. These can be anything from common vitamins and minerals and anti-aging ingredients or protect against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. These biotech ingredients are not always necessarily about directly benefiting the skin, though. For example, some algae can be used as biotech beauty products ingredients for natural color. Others are used to aid in getting products to be the right texture, giving cosmetics a gel-like consistency or the ability to foam. 

Biotechnology and sustainability

Sustainability is also something more and more people realize the importance of. There is a lot more awareness that we are using up many natural resources at an alarming rate. That changes are needed if companies want to keep up with consumer demand. This is where biotechnology comes in. Things like antioxidants and vitamins can actually be “manufactured” by living organisms.

Done traditionally, the plant extracts needed to give a skincare product its active ingredients require a lot. It involves soil, sun, water, and fertilizer to keep the plants growing. It requires months of hard work and tending to those plants. Often for tiny amounts of an active ingredient. With biotechnology, those same ingredients (or ingredients with very similar benefits) can be engineered to produce those same results with less effort and use of resources. Our Alpha Vitamin C Facial Essence and our Omega Face Serum are great examples of creating exceptional products with the use of biotechnology.