Celebrity skincare lines are nothing new. It seems as though on a daily a basis a celebrity is entering this already highly competitive industry with their own product line that surely will sell with their star power behind it. Recently, six beauty Entrepreneurs wrote an open letter to Brad Pitt after the recent launch of his skincare line. As the founder of Apollo and Artemis Beauty by Equality®, I applaud these six savvy women for their gumption, frankness, and honesty. Like them, we here at Apollo and Artemis Beauty have worked tirelessly to create formulations that work and fight our way through the world of social media. 

I often say that Apollo and Artemis Beauty is one of the best skincare lines that no one has heard of, at least not yet. I thank all those who have tried our products; your support is invaluable. And I high-five all the other Non- Celebrity Skincare Founders out there who like me, are following our dreams and believe in the integrity of our mission and products.

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Stay Beautiful,

Laura Lee Botsacos