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How to achieve Glass Skin, The K-beauty Trend

Glass skin is enviable, poreless, smooth, radiant, clear, healthy, almost like a pane of glass. To some, it is the ultimate complexion compliment. The latest K-beauty trend possesses everything that healthy skin aspires to be: dewy, luminous, hydrated with a reflective finish that resembles glass.

In the last few years, K-beauty has expanded to new heights. Including groundbreaking formulations, sheet masks, and ingredients such as snail mucin or bee venom. However, since 2017 the skin-care obsession over achieving preternaturally luminous glass skin glow hasn't slowed down. 

Hydrate in multiple layers

Korean skincare expert and icon, Jude Chao, ensures that intense hydration lies at the core of a glass skin regimen. There should be a large amount of water directly beneath the skin surface. This creates a moist and lustrous look that catches and reflects light.

Opt for watery products include humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Additionally, consider using multiple layers of a hydrating product o several layers of different ones.

The Squalane in our Omega Face Serum binds moisture and provides nourishment to the skin while enhancing the skin lipid barrier.

Plump and firm skin: key factors

Collagen and Hyaluronic acid are two organic components found in the human body. Although, naturally produced since birth, as we age their production decreases. This is why it is important incorporating these ingredients into your skincare routine.

For instance, vitamin C is the main nutrient involved in collagen synthesis and the main antioxidant in your skin. You can't produce collagen without it. Scientific studies prove that an effective vitamin C serum used topically is 20 times more effective at raising the vitamin C levels in the skin than the oral route. 

The unique process we use in Alpha vitamin C Essence, allows the vitamin C to penetrate the skin to a deeper level, providing you with superior vitamin C benefits.

Combining 4 high-end potent peptides, our Visage Facial Mist adds to the moisturization of our skin by boosting our skin's production of Hyaluronic acid. Moreover, it creates a youthful glow true to the improvement in the Dermal-Epidermal Junction. That’s the space between our skin layers that keeps our skin bouncy.

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