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As we broaden our skin-care knowledge this 2022 we’ll start abandoning complicated multistep routines for a more minimalist take. Our skincare routine will have a more holistic approach as we focus more and more on self-care and skin health. Furthermore, we’ll switch from heavy creams to more natural ingredients and opt for more cruelty-free products. 

Prioritizing quality over quantity

In 2022, we’ll become more focused on improving our overall skin health with products that fit specifically to our skin type and individual needs. Moreover, we’ll look forward to experimenting with new ingredients and new products that offer new formulas.

Focus on skin health 

It’s no secret that our lifestyle and overall health can cause our skin to get stressed. This is why this year we’ll be more aware of our surroundings and environmental aggressors that can cause skin damage. From minimizing factors like air pollution, sun damage to blue light with products rich with vitamin C

Cleanical Skincare

Cleanical skincare is set to be even bigger in 2022. It prioritizes safety, science, and efficacy combined with efficacious natural ingredients that don’t harm you, animals, or the planet. Apollo & Artemis Beauty products are proud to be a cleanical brand, vegan and cruelty-free, as well as PETA approved and Leaping Bunny Certified. 

Gender-neutral skincare 

Artists like Harry Styles are redefining masculinity and allowing brands to be more inclusive with their products. Social media has also given men a platform to transform traditional gender guidelines and throw out stereotypes when it comes to beauty and skincare. In fact, it is estimated that by 2024 men’s personal care brands will make $81.2 billion in sales. 

Anti-stress products 

We know that stress can take a toll on our skin’s health, causing anything from acne to wrinkles. For instance, using products that have Hyaluronic acid can help reduce inflammation and restore the damaged skin barrier. 

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